Adora Calcium Supplement

Reviews & Testimonials

  • Better Homes and Gardens

    Need a sweet stocking stuffer for the health nut on your list? Consider Adora, a nutritional supplement that delivers 500 mg calcium, 250 IU of vitamin D3, and 40 mg of magnesium - all embedded in a creamy disk of chocolate (dark or milk). End Quotation
  • Carrots 'N' Cake - Sharing My Life, One Bite at a Time

    After dinner, I satisfied my sweet tooth with an Adora disk dipped in almond butter. End Quotation
  • Chicago Now

    Adora is different as it contains magnesium and Vitamin D to absorb that calcium plus it tastes delicious! End Quotation
  • Ebony

    Adora has introduced an all-natural chocolate calcium... with added vitamin D and magnesium for maximum absorption... made from real chocolate and drum roll please - have only 30 calories! End Quotation

    In fact, a new chocolate calcium supplement, Adora, is now in the market. Unlike hard-to-swallow calcium pills or flavored calcium chews that taste chalky and leave artificial aftertastes, Adora actually tastes like real chocolate candies. Other "candy" calcium supplements are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, but Adora is made by a chocolate company that's been in business since 1879. They use premium chocolate which produces a rich, creamy flavor with no bitter aftertaste. End Quotation
  • Family Circle - Where Family Comes First

    A Few of My Faves... We all need more calcium, but I've always had a hard time remembering to take supplements, mostly because they don't taste very good. Then a friend told me about Adora - a delicious high-quality chocolate disk that provides 500 mg of calcium per serving at just 30 calories. The dark chocolate variety is incredible! I actually look forward to taking my two a day! End Quotation
  • ABC, Good Morning American, and Yahoo! News

    Do you want to fit into those skinny jeans in time for summer? Then it's time to stop mindlessly inhaling the breadbasket and snacking on candy, but you don't have to go completely carb-free... For Chocolate cravings: Try Adora dark chocolate calcium. End Quotation
  • Huffington Post - Healthy Living

    Get a dose of calcium and sweetness with Adora chocolate discs; they satisfy a sweet tooth AND provide your daily calcium requirements. End Quotation
  • Ladies' Home Journal

    We're amazed at how creamy and rich these disks are. End Quotation
  • TODAY [TV Show]

    Today it's Adora Calcium Supplements. It sounds healthy, which it is, but amazingly delicious chocolate. You can buy them at and Whole Foods. They are about $7.99. It's a supplement. You may be tempted, please handle as a dietary supplement. Too much calcium is dangerous. It's not candy. You have to read the back, but it's delicious. End Quotation
  • The Washington Post

    Adora calcium supplements have only 30 calories for 50% of the daily value of calcium, plus vitamin D and magnesium, which means you should eat two a day to make sure you get 100%. The taste quality of the dark chocolate used beats a Hershey's Kiss any day. End Quotation
  • Today's Diet & Nutrition

    Calcium doesn't have to taste chalky or gummy. The new Adora Calcium & Vitamin D Supplement is a premium, all-natural chocolate with only 30 calories a serving. Developed by renowned chocolateir Thompson brands, the Adora chocolate disks satisfy a taste for chocolate and provide up to half of the daily value of calcium plus vitamin D, and magnesium for optimal absorption. End Quotation